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Extrude turns Red (by David McNeill)
I've drawn a furniture trailer. All the line segments on the workspace are straight and parallel and square.

I can draw a plain rectangle in a workspace plane ok. The rectangle normals all appear at a consistent Z distance, so the rectangle isn't "twisted". All the corners are perpendicular.

Why then, when I extrude it, does it go red? Are there any clues in the marks on the bold red lines? Or in which panels are red? How can a plain rectangle extrude go wrong? Is it what it bumps into as it extrudes?

File attached. Panel that won't extrude is g010-sketch-in-plane-rear-panel-plywood
Thu Mar 4 2021, 16:59:33, download attachment 3D-Shell-mkIII.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The problem seems to be caused by a line contact between the ceiling and the rear panel, that is no overlap between the solid.., which wold in practice leave the top of the rear panel unsupported. If you do want that edge to edge contact, approximate it by using a small spacing or overlap with the ceiling edge. 0.001 will solve the problem.,
Thu Mar 4 2021, 20:36:06
Thanks (by David McNeill)
Thanks for your pointers Andrew.

Digging around I found I had some DOF (Degrees of Freedom - line ends that can float anywhere they like) earlier in the file. I ended up redrawing the whole thing to resolve those, but still got the same red issue on the rear panel.

It didn't seem to like being constrained on 3 sides, then being extruded. Even though the extrude fitted snugly within the 3 borders, like a slot. Above, side, below.

Following on a variation of your idea, I made a 0.1mm gap between the ceiling and the top of the rear panel, so now it only touched on two planes - the cut outs in the both walls. This has stopped that panel going red, and it now extrudes correctly.

Well done to the SolveSpace team, really enjoying using the software, thank you. It's been fast and stable, and quick to learn. The tutorial text & pictures are very good.
Sat Mar 6 2021, 02:49:13
(no subject) (by Paul)
David, this is a very interesting case of NURBS failure that seems unique in some ways. I've added it to my collection. I've got about as many unfixed NURBS issues as ones that have been fixed over the last 2 years. Thanks for reporting this one.
Sat Mar 6 2021, 14:49:42
Red and other strange behavior with assemblies (by Neo)
Thank you for what is a great tool so far. However, I am starting to run into problems as I make "parts" into assemblies. Similar to above, one or more faces light up red, and on another one I extruded a new workspace to taper a wooden leg similar to your Table example.. one face was transparent, and the entire inside of the leg was red. At times these things lead to crashes. I'm using Linux, basically a Debian variant. I'll attach one, a very basic metal bottom attaching a simple flat part with holes. I added points to each part near the center of each part, if you look close, to tie the parts together. (because one part is wider than the other.) Clarification on "rules" of assembles, do's and don'ts would be helpful.

Thank you in advance.
Mon Apr 5 2021, 11:59:05, download attachment AtpiCase Front to Bottom ASM.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The works around NURBS problems is to check the 'force NURBS to triangle mesh' option.
Mon Apr 5 2021, 17:13:41
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