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How to compile on windows. I want to test some UI concepts (by Dustin)
First, I am really impressed by the interface and this program.

However I have been using CAD programs for about a decade and despite being a novice programmer, believe I know enough to test and hopefully propose some additions to the user interface.

However I have spent far more hours than I care to admit trying to compile the base code. I have programed with python and JavaScript, but only used C++ in the context of Arduino. Currently I am running Visual Code Studio on Windows 10. First it told me that it could not find config.h so I changed to config.h - Next it told me that it did not recognize "#cmakedefine" in the config file. Currently I have the "CMake" plugin installed for VCS.

I am excited to start exploring the code, but never thought it would take so much time to get off the starting line. Are their any recommendations for how to get the code to compile? I don't mind installing Linyx, but was hoping to develop in the windows environment.

Thank you to those have gotten this program so far
Fri Feb 19 2021, 03:08:45
(no subject) (by Paul)
From the github section on "Building On Windows": You will need git, cmake and a C++ compiler (either Visual C++ or MinGW). If using Visual C++, Visual Studio 2015 or later is required.

"Visual Studio Code" is just an editor.

I think Visual Studio Community is still free for non-commercial use, so that should work for building SolveSpace.

Also double check that you follow "Building on Windows" vs "Building For Windows" in the instructions.
Fri Feb 19 2021, 10:33:32
(no subject) (by Dustin)
Thanks for the response. I have minGW installed, and finally figured out that I need to compile SolveSpace.h not SolveSpace.cpp
....I'm defiantly new to C++

Now my problem is that Visual Studio Code tells me the program is not compatible with my version of windows (10).

I posted a question on Stackoverflow, but let me know if you recognize this problem.
Sat Feb 20 2021, 03:28:34
(no subject) (by Dustin)
Never mind... you wisely made instructions on the GitHub page or compiling on windows.
Sat Feb 20 2021, 03:46:49
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