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Errorneous zoom behaviour in dual monitor setup (by Ritvik)
Solvespace version: 3.0~bcb8cd2c

I have a Windows 7 system (64 bit) with dual monitor setup. In dual monitor setup, we can set 1 monitor as the main monitor & the second as secondary.

Solvespace has this nice zoom behavior wherein when you zoom using the mouse wheel, it zooms into the area of the view that the mouse pointer is at. This "Zoom on mouse position" feature works well when the graphical window is in my main(primary) monitor (graphical window in maximized mode & fully in the main monitor).

But when I move the graphical window to the secondary monitor(graphical window in maximized mode & fully in the secondary monitor), This "Zoom on mouse position" does not work well. It zooms into a different region of the sketch.

It seems even if I change the graphical window size while it is still in the main monitor, this "Zoom on mouse position" does not work well.

It would be good if this "Zoom on mouse position" worked even after changes in window graphical size/position.
Thu Feb 18 2021, 01:49:22
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