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subassemblies (by Garfield)
I am not sure whether this is a question or a feature request.

Basically I wonder whether it is possible to produce subassemblies that "keep their degrees of freedom" when integrated into a larger assembly.

I am asking because for large systems it may be advantageous to proceed in steps. For example, I may have a rail with a carriage that travels along it, but the position of the carriage should only be fixed later. I could then create the subassembly (rail + carriage constrained to move along the rail) and link it into a larger project, possibly multiple times. At a later stage, I could then determine the position of the carriage(s), for example in an X/Y setup where the two carriages need to be opposite along an axis perpendicular to the rail.

As I understand, currently the parts are "frozen" when imported. This sometimes is fine, but sometimes it would be better to constrain the system only at a later step. But maybe there are better strategies to do what I described above and I am not aware of these.
Mon Jan 11 2021, 10:08:41
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Each import of a sub-assembly can be placed as required, which includes relative to other imports. If you keep the track and carriage as separate sub-assemblies, You can import each as many times ad you want, and place the carriage wherever you want on the track.
Mon Jan 11 2021, 15:48:56
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