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Looking for testers with a Apple M1 device. (by Koen Schmeets)
Hi all!

I made an experimental arm64 build for the new Apple devices with an M1 chip.

But I don't own a Apple with a M1 chip...

I uploaded a build over here:

I hope someone can verify that it works, or not ;)
Wed Dec 16 2020, 17:13:13
(no subject) (by Koen Schmeets)
I published a broken link, this one should work:
Wed Dec 16 2020, 18:36:07
(no subject) (by Justin Campbell)
Thanks for working on this, Koen!

I gave it a try, and it crashed with this log:

Let me know if you'd like me to do any additional testing. Thanks! -Justin
Tue Jan 5 2021, 14:49:03
(no subject) (by Koen Schmeets)
Thanks for testing!
It looks like it is unable to load some library, it is however not clear which one from the log.
I will get a M1 start of February and then I will look into this again.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help at this time.
Fri Jan 8 2021, 06:59:38
(no subject) (by Chris B)
Hi Koen, I'm looking at switching over to a Mac (currently run Linux) and was wondering if you ever got this to work?
Tue Apr 19 2022, 15:46:48
(no subject) (by Paul)
@Chris B

If I recall, he previously reported (on github) that the x86 version actually runs great on the M1 using Rosetta. I believe it can also be compiled and run natively on the M1, though we are not currently building binaries for that.
Tue Apr 19 2022, 17:00:07
(no subject) (by Chris B)
Thanks Paul! Hadn't come across anything on github, but I also only briefly looked.
Tue Apr 19 2022, 21:54:11
(no subject) (by Rok)
macos builds for 3.0 and newer edge builds appear to be universal and are shown as kind = Apple in Activity monitor...

so I believe native M1 builds are provided officially no matter what Paul says... ;)
Wed Apr 20 2022, 14:35:34
(no subject) (by Paul)
@Rok Koen had been working on it, I just didn't realize it made it into the official builds ;-) While you're testing on macOS, how is the mouse and trackpad behavior? We had some issues pending around that stuff which I think got fixed.
Thu Apr 21 2022, 09:17:29
(no subject) (by Rok P.)

On macOS (latest edge build) it's working great with trackpad (pinch to zoom in/out, two fingers to pan) but not so much when using a mouse. Mouse wheel should be performing zoom in/out and not some kind of pan.

Using two fingers is normally used for scrolling and probably that's why mouse wheel doesn't perform as expected.
Fri Apr 22 2022, 03:43:37
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