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Solvespace crashes while trying to export (by Samil Unal)
Hello everyone.

I am trying to make a reusable filament spool using the last version of Solvespace.

Basically, i designed half a spool, i will print it twice. Each half has 2 holes and 2 things (I don't know the word for it in English) so it is possible to assemble, lock, unlock and disassemble.

Here is my solvespace file:

When i try to export it as step or stl file, solvespace gets stuck while generating group 8 or 10 and either it shuts itself down or stops responding and i force it to stop.

Any help is highly appreciated.
Fri Oct 16 2020, 09:18:00, download attachment spoolv3.slvs
(no subject) (by Samil Unal)
I managed to export with 0.4 "export chord tolerance". I can export with 0.39 minimum. Below that value, it crashes.

Anyway, I got what i needed. This is precise enough for me.

I just replied for future reference if anybody needs.

Have a nice day.
Fri Oct 16 2020, 10:05:44, download attachment deneme9.stl
(no subject) (by Paul)
I checked out the sketch and have a couple things to suggest. First it is totally under constrained with 79 degrees of freedom in the first group. The 4th group had over 40. When building one group by tracing another it it critical to get exact alignment or there will likely be issues like we see here.

One tip I can offer. When making new sketch-in-plane and tracing the geometry from a previous group. Set every line end-point On (points coincident) with the one from the previous group. Never constrain the center of an arc (circles are fine). Constrain the end points of the arcs and then set the radius/diameter eQual to the on under it - I pull the arc so it's not exactly on top of the other one so I can select both before pressing Q to make them equal.

Arcs are funny because they seem to be defined by 3 points but they only have 5 degrees of freedom. Fixing the end points get it down to 1 and then the diameter get it complete. Trying to constrain all 3 points will result in over constrained - red backgound. I saw a few tangent constraints on the arcs which is good in some cases too.

Also guessing you made this with SolveSpace version 2.3 or earlier? Just a guess because in the latest version built from source you can drag the unconstrained points in an earlier group than the one you're working on so you probably would have been accidentally shifting those around.
Fri Oct 16 2020, 20:56:12
(no subject) (by Samil Unal)
Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Paul.
I made this with the latest version.
I am not a CAD guy but i tried my best while drawing, also completing the tutorials in advance.
There was no warnings or errors when i move from one group to the next and at the end of the sketch.

What is confusing is that it crashes only when the "export chord tolerance" is below 0.39.
Moreover, it also crashes when the "chord tolerance" is below some value but i didn't try to get the exact value.
Sat Oct 17 2020, 05:34:58
(no subject) (by Paul)

In version 3.0 (almost ready) the number of degrees of freedom is shown for each group in the text window, so it's easy to see when a sketch is fully constrained. As for the chord tolerance setting leading to the crash, I have not verified but I suspect an existing bug is being triggered. If it is the bug I'm thinking of it can be avoided entirely by not forcing to triangle mesh. But there are issues with NURBS that may require you to switch to meshes. Either way you will have better luck fully constraining sketchs.
Thu Oct 22 2020, 20:35:14
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