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Constrain two dimensions? (by Kevin)

I'm looking for guidance on how to constrain dimensions between points to be equal. What I'm looking to do at the moment is extrude a rectangle and use an inner rectangle to hollow the outer one out a bit. I've placed points on the middle two perpendicular sides in each rectangle and aligned everything nicely with horizontal and vertical constraints. Now what I'd like to do is have the the inner rectangle offset from the outer rectangle by the same amount on both the top and the side.

To get started, I've set a dimension for the two middle points on the top side of each rectangle. I'd like to set up a similar dimension for the middle points on the left side of each rectangle, but make it the same value as the dimension set for the top edge. I'm able to add a dimension on the left, but I can't figure out how to make it identical to the dimension on the top without using construction lines. If I need use construction lines, I will, but they make the drawing busier so I'd prefer to avoid them. Is there any way to make two point-to-point dimensions equal?
Sun Oct 11 2020, 12:50:47
(no subject) (by Paul)
Try this:

1) Draw an outer rectangle and an inner rectangle
2) Select upper left corner of inner rectangle and upper side of the outer rectangle.
3) Also select upper right corner of inner rect and right side of outer rectangle.
4) Press "Q" for Equal distances.

Normally you'd select a point and line and constrain distance "D" to a value, but selecting 2 sets of point/distance allows you to set them equal.

Add more similar constraints so top-and-left and left-and-bottom to have same distances.
Sun Oct 11 2020, 22:23:13
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