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Design around a template? (by Paul)
I'm wondering how to go about designing around a template sketch and then remove the template. In particular, SS 3.x now has the ability to link an IDF (circuit board .emn) file, which should be handy for designing housings for electronic devices. The problem I see is that if I link an IDF file and the constrain against the mounting holes, my SS sketch will be lost if I then delete the linked group.

Is there a way to use a linked sketch (or IDF file) to constrain a design, but then remove that linked file from the project?
Mon Oct 5 2020, 17:09:48
(no subject) (by Tom)
Why do you have to remove it? If you just hide the group (and suppress any solid model), then it shouldn't hurt anything.
Mon Oct 5 2020, 22:21:15
(no subject) (by Paul)
I don't have to remove it, I was just wondering if there is another way to handle it. I had a design once before that should have been handled in a similar way, as 2 pieces needed the same base sketch but I made a complete copy that time. That didn't seem right either, so I wanted to see how other people handle things like that. So option 1) just leave it and turn it off. I guess then there's no need to later re-link it to see the completed assembly, just turn it back on.
Tue Oct 6 2020, 15:59:06
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I often use a construction sketch to layout critical dimensions, and use it in multiple part files. Such a sketch can be hidden, but ant changes to it propagate in models where it is hidden, just remember to open and save any files dependent on a changed file.
Tue Oct 6 2020, 17:53:46
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