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Solvespace Discord channel (by Алексей Егоров)
Hello! Welcome to SolveSpace Discord channel!
Sun May 17 2020, 21:49:25
the above link is broken (by Foad)
yeah the above link is sadly broken. But we have a #solvespace channel on Elmer's Discord server:

feel free to share it with others and invite them over there.
Tue Sep 1 2020, 06:43:35
(no subject) (by Paul)
YMMV but that was an utter waste of time. More non-solvespace stuff than SS because... I dunno. Getting messages from people trying to use FreeCAD is not my thing. No time for that.
Fri Sep 4 2020, 20:42:28
(no subject) (by Alexey Egorov)
I also having that messages about FreeCAD. But I know, when someone ask you and you have no time it is better to say: sorry, I can't help you because I have no exp with FreeCAD. Not a big deal. But spending time for publishing messages like above is just double waste. Even triple, because of my message.
Thu Sep 10 2020, 00:43:59
(no subject) (by Paul)
Sorry, I didnt mean to dis the discord channel. My issue turned out to be the app. It started giving me notifications for other channels. I'll stick to the desktop/web version and it should be fine.
Thu Sep 10 2020, 12:01:22
new solvespace discord (by Umberto)

Since I like Discord a lot too and since the previous link does not work, I created a new Discord dedicated to Solvespace.
I think SS is a very nice program and we as a community are nice as well.

I hope everyone joins it.

I do not want you all to leave the forum though. Keep posting here too.

Fri Sep 11 2020, 07:57:32
(no subject) (by Alexey Egorov)
Sun Oct 11 2020, 23:32:58
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