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Print a drawing from SolveSpace? (by Michael)
How would I print a dimensioned drawing for a machinist to use from SolveSpace?
Fri Dec 21 2018, 16:23:42
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Have a look in the tutorials, there is one on exporting 2d, and one on 2d drawing is Solvespace which should get you started. Whether you can produce enough detail will depend on your machinists requirements for providing things like tolerances.

You may need to use a 2d drawing program, such as Librecad if you need formal 2d drawings for the machinist.
Fri Dec 21 2018, 18:49:36
(no subject) (by Michael)
I missed the tutorial on exporting in 2D. Thank you for pointing me that direction.

I want to avoid having to draw the parts two times, and I don't like LibreCAD, I need "property browser" or "inspector" functionality. My frustrations with FreeCAD made me keep looking until I found SolveSpace. I'm an admitted Linux bigot. I'm encouraged to stick with SolveSpace going forward, if I can get acceptable printed output.

Thank you, again!
Fri Dec 21 2018, 20:11:55
(no subject) (by Andrew)
LibreCad is a 2d drawing application, and not a 3d CAD program like FreeCad. I pointed you there in case you need to produce formal 2d drawings and views for the machinist. It is probably your best option if you need more 2d capabilities than Solvespace. Also, you can export step files, which are a possible option if your machinist uses CNC.
Sat Dec 22 2018, 05:32:26
(no subject) (by Michael)
Well, I've worked through the 2D tutorial and then exported the drawing as a 2D View into a DXF file (AutoCAD 2007). I then opened the file in LibreCAD and have discovered numerous unexpected issues. An incomplete list follows:

1) In SolveSpace, I draw in inches. The DXF file in LibreCAD has "None" as the Main drawing unit under Options\Current Drawing Preferences\Units. Selecting "inch" does not change the result noted in #3 below.

2) The SolveSpace created DXF file in LibreCAD has 4 layers "0", "dimensions", "s001-#def-active-grp", and "text". There was no text in the SolveSpace drawing. If I deactivate any one of the 4 layers, the whole drawing blanks.

3) In LibreCAD I am able to click on points to determine dimensions but only in the command window and the actual dimension is close to, but not exactly in millimeters, for what was drawn in SolveSpace.

4) In LibreCAD the drawing is not oriented to the origin as it was in SolveSpace. In fact, when I save the file in SolveSpace a green text message displays with a "+" indicating that was where the export thought the origin was - which is not where it was.

5) In LibreCAD I cannot select a line segment, only the whole outline as I designed it in SolveSpace.

6) In LibreCAD I cannot change the color of a line or line object that was exported from SolveSpace.

Bottom line, I feel there is are problems with the 2D file save as DXF option from SolveSpace. I would be happy to volunteer tester if effort is being expended to fix the issues.

Thank you for listening to my rant.
Sun Dec 30 2018, 22:25:27
(no subject) (by Tom)
Not sure about the others, but the origin when you export view is the center of the screen. Theres a "centre view at point" in the "view' menu. My dimensions were always exact, maybe the view is rotated a little and it's getting projected? And you can scale down by 25.4 to get inches when you export.
Sat Jan 19 2019, 19:32:37
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Perhaps this closed issue on GitHub is of help to you:
Wed Jan 23 2019, 06:08:43
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