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Is there anyway to edit a sketch after it is extruded? (by someone)
Is there any way to edit sketches or constraints after a sketch has been extruded. Like in inventor. I can find the sketches but I can not edit any dimensions in them.
Fri Jan 20 2017, 20:24:28
Nevemind (by someone)
I figured this out. Really needs to be better explained in the tutorial.
Fri Jan 20 2017, 20:31:41
edit sketch (by CHRISTIAN FAUDAIS)

You need to use the Property Brower
This browser show the timeline for the construction
You can go up and down
please take a look on the next files for more explaination .

Sun Jan 22 2017, 14:39:30, download attachment Bureau.rar
more detail please (by need help)
I'm trying to edit a rectangle after extruding it. All I get are reference dimentions. How do I edit the original constraint? I can find the pt-to-pt constraint in the browser window and it looks like the thing to edit but i cannot double click on the value to change the value.
Sat Oct 13 2018, 15:27:48
Subject: More detail on contours, extrusions, and navigation (by XRTRX)
need help:

The Property Browser window has a list of groups you've created. (Click on the 'home' link in the upper left or hit ESC if you don't see them.)

You should have a group named, for example, g003-extrude. The one before it is the rectangle contour (cross-section) on which your extrusion is based, for example g002-sketch-in-plane. Make that group active by clicking the circle in the "active" column (far-left).

In the drawing window, the extrusion will disappear, and your rectangle contour, with all its constraints, will show. Change that as you wish (even change it to another shape like a pentagon).

Make the extrude group active again, and you'll see the changes you made to your contour propogated to the extrusion.
Mon Oct 22 2018, 20:13:36
More detail on constraints and editing (by XRTRX)
-adding to previous post-

need help:
Once the group containing your rectangle is active, you can change constraints. Point-to-point-coincident constraints, which are what link line ends together, can't be edited--they must be deleted, and re-created as needed.

A dimension (pt-pt-distance constraint) can be either an "actual" constraint or a reference. Select one, and hit E to toggle which it is.

But you don't edit dimension constraints in the Property Browser. You can select it (single-click) in either the Property Browser or the drawing window, but then double-click it in the drawing window to change its value. If it doesn't change, that means there's another constraint preventing you (and your countour's probably over-constrained--too many constraints).

Hope that helps.
Mon Oct 22 2018, 20:27:53
Annulus problem remains (by DIV)
Actually, for an annulus there are two spurious extruded lines that can unintentionally be created from 'reference' points.
As mentioned, one is due to the point automatically located at the origin.
The other is due to the point automatically located at the centre of the circle(s).
Fri Oct 11 2019, 10:19:07
Oops. (by DIV)
Sorry! I posted to the wrong thread. Please ignore the previous post.
Fri Oct 11 2019, 10:20:12
How to edit sketch after extrude (by TonyDenning)
Thanks very much for the information from XRTRX. This just opened up the whole SolveSpace usefulness for me!
Thu Sep 23 2021, 14:10:18
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