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Can't install Solvespace on ubuntu (by greg)
Solvespace seems to be the soft i'm looking for, lightweight, logical, able to manage part as welle as assemblie etc... I tried it a little at work on windows, during spare time, but I now want to use it at home.
I'm just unable to install it on my Ubuntu (on which I'm only basic user, i usually just install soft with synaptic...where I didn't find solvspace...).

I'd download solvespace_2.1+repack2-1_amd64.deb here:

in attachment the message I had when I trie to install it:

It says (in french), that the following dependencie can't be satisfied:

I understand that the soft need a version post 2.48 and mine is just 2.4.

So I tried to upgrade this lib, but apt-get install just give me libglibmm-2.46.3-1 and said it is the latest...

So... any advice?

I also tried the compilation way, it is my first time I tried to compile anything, and afetre fiew problem resolved by reading some ubuntu forum, I blocked on the Make (before sudo make install), where It replies me that it doesn't have any target (in french of course, so it is probably the same text in english for this problem...)

Pleeeeaaaaseeeee, heeeeeelp.

Sat Nov 5 2016, 12:49:48, download attachment 2016-11-05-173601_1920x1080_scrot.png
(no subject) (by whitequark)
You are trying to install a package from Ubuntu Yakkety (16.08) on your system, which is probably some earlier version like Ubuntu Xenial (16.04). Try installing from this PPA:
Mon Nov 7 2016, 07:04:45
Can't install Solvespace on ubuntu (by rob)
Install it with snap. Gives you latest version (currently 3.0)
Then choose your distro from the list for instructions. Easy!
Fri Aug 7 2020, 00:59:38
Can't access files on other disk unit (by Maurizio Maurizi)
S.O. : Mint 18.4
Solvespace release : 3.0
Problem: trying to open saved files of solvespace created with old version.
Going to : Other Location, Computer, media. Answer : Could not read the contents of media, error opening '/media': Permission denied.
Same results, same answer opening '/mount'.
May be a problem of permission.
Any solution?
And my compliment for easy-of-use of this software.
Fri Jan 8 2021, 10:19:25
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