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A few questions from a new user. (by SS_User_1001)

Firstly, thank you to the entire SolveSpace team for this program. It has been fun learning on this program so far.

1) Property Browser Text options
Is it possible to change the text style of text in the Property Browser window to make it look "sharper" like the other text in program?

I have attached a photo showing the slight difference. As an example, the sharper letter "e" looks better and easier for my eyes.

2) default location for dimension Constraint for a circle or arc.
Is it possible for the location of the constraint to appear on or near the circle or arc segment instead of the default location at the center point?
Sat Jan 14 2023, 13:20:45, download attachment Text_different.png
(no subject) (by Paul)

1) No, it's not currently possible to change the font in the text window. We're using GNU unifont compiled into the solvespace executable. It is a lot of work to change that, but maybe some day....

2) No? I think that's just where the dimension goes. I agree that it's usually not where you want it and I have considered trying some things like - along a line from the center that bisects an arc, but at a distance of radius + 10 pixels or similar. Not sure how popular that would be ;-)
Sun Jan 15 2023, 11:01:57
(no subject) (by SS_User_1001)
thanks for reply Paul.

It is a bit difficult to select the dimension constraint from the center point using the mouse on a higher resolution screen so I thought I would ask. I realized after that I can go into the Group and then select the constraints from there.
Tue Jan 17 2023, 10:17:46
(no subject) (by Paul)
You can also use the exploded view of a sketch with a little rotation to separate things for easier picking. \ rotate drag \
Tue Jan 17 2023, 16:13:09
(no subject) (by SS_User_1001)
Paul, after trying the exploded view tool, the change was very subtle on the big screen. I think your original idea might be easier to pick the dimension.

I am sure you have lots of other tasks that are higher priorities but if you do get a chance to implement something. How about something like this photo as the default? I am not sure if this will be popular either but it should make the dimension easier to be selected and moved around to a final location.

1) Circle
dimension at midpoint between center and edge at 45 deg from horizontal axis

2) Arcs
dimension at midpoint at the line that bisects the arc
Tue Jan 24 2023, 23:18:05, download attachment Circle and Arc location.png
(no subject) (by Paul)
There is an option in the configuration or view screen called "explode distance" or similar. Increase that value to get better entity separation when exploding sketch.
Wed Jan 25 2023, 08:53:25
(no subject) (by ruevs)
In addition for exploded to have an effect you have to rotate the view slightly or/and turn on "Use Perspective Projection" from the "View" menu. The short cut key is `
Wed Jan 25 2023, 14:50:04
(no subject) (by E A)
I am also a new user, but if I understand your question correctly re dimensions, I zoom in on the area, then move my pointer until the object in question highlights, and click/drag the dimension wherever I want it. Hope this helps.
Thu Jan 26 2023, 13:11:57
(no subject) (by SS_User_1001)
@ E A

part of my problem is actually selecting the dimension. The dimension and the center point is really close together when I am using SS on a 4k monitor and difficult to select between the two. This occurs for me on angular dimensions also. I tried changing the Scale and Layout in the display setting to 200% and that doesn't seem to make a difference.

My solution now is to just use the laptop and play with SS instead. :)
Fri Feb 3 2023, 20:50:55
(no subject) (by Paul)
Once you hover over the number (it highlights yellow) click and drag it somewhere more accessible.

Another option is to go in the line-styles page in the text window. Select style s006-#def-constraint then change the height of the constraint text which is shown in pixels.
Sat Feb 4 2023, 11:27:23
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