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Draw a mechanical gears (by Thierry)
I'm newbie to solvespace. I would like to draw mechanical gears, but I can't find an example on this subject. Is there a possibility? Thanks.
One method ?
Tue Sep 6 2022, 08:12:22
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Try 'solvespace gears' in you favorite search engine, and you will find some examples and guidance, including video tutorials.
Tue Sep 6 2022, 09:07:54
involute gear tutorial (by cmpxchg)
Tue Sep 6 2022, 13:24:30
(no subject) (by Thierry)
Fri Sep 9 2022, 08:38:13
(no subject) (by Thierry)
I try: It doesn't work well.
Fri Sep 9 2022, 10:17:59
(no subject) (by Thierry)
In cannot display full screen
Fri Sep 9 2022, 10:19:09
(no subject) (by ruevs)
There is a search function at the top of the forum. Here are two of the popular results when searching for "gear":
Sat Sep 10 2022, 06:27:39
building idea (by Thierry)
Making a gear is complicated for a newbie. Yet the software seems very accessible to beginners. So here's an idea:
From abacuses, one could ask the software to build the requested gear.
I know: It's easier said than done.
Thu Sep 15 2022, 04:11:50
(no subject) (by Thierry)
Freecad has a module for making gears. So it's free...
Fri Sep 16 2022, 04:31:19
(no subject) (by Andrew)
There are also gear creation libraries for Openscad, and if you don't extrude you can export a dwg for import into Solvespace..
Fri Sep 16 2022, 06:53:26
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