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Line on a circle, not closed contour, why? (by Alex)
Hi guys! I can't figure out why? it is closed contour... one side is a part of a circle, other side is a line. It is a place for a circular connector socket.
How to draw a circle with such line?
Wed Jun 15 2022, 01:18:15, download attachment Screenshot at 08-14-46.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
A closed figure has only one contiguous area enclosed by its boundaries.
What you need is a line, with an arc connecting to both ends of the line,
Wed Jun 15 2022, 04:23:28
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
You want an arc, not a circle. Conversion is possible:

Select both line and circle and then use "Sketch->Split curves at intersection" to convert the circle and line to two arcs and a line, and then either remove one of the arcs (select, then del) or turn it into a green guide (select, then press g).

This way you can remove points that create ambiguous 2D-outline that cannot be extruded to a 3D part.
Thu Jun 16 2022, 06:09:04
(no subject) (by Alex)
thanks for replies guys!
Thu Jun 16 2022, 09:55:40
Splitting and clipping features (by Thierry)
Hello, In this example: , We have a circle is an intersecting square.
In my appli 3.1 flatpak i have un message: the outline intersects.
I dont undestand.
Thank's for your help.
Fri Sep 2 2022, 12:53:45
(no subject) (by Thierry)
Thank's for translate.
Tue Sep 6 2022, 04:27:06
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