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How to Make a Hole in an Inclined Surface? (by Alex Landherr)
I need help with how to make a hole in an inclined surface so that the long axis of the hole is parallel to the bottom plane/surface of the object. I have included a link to a video that will illustrate what I’m trying my best to describe (it’s not in SolveSpace unfortunately).

As written above I need the long axis of the hole to be parallel to the bottom surface and if possible instructions on how to achieve a similar result with a rectangular hole.

This is all for a special stand to be used for an electronics project.
Wed Aug 18 2021, 07:30:33
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Draw the hole on a plane parallel to the hole diameter, on a plane parallel to the holes diameter. Extrude as a difference. Note the 'hole' can cut air without causing a problem. If you want the hole diameter to lie on the inclined face, select a point and two lines on the inclined face before creating the drawing plane.
Wed Aug 18 2021, 08:01:24
Clarification (by Alex Landherr)
I was thinking more of like in the final image of this Fusion360 tutorial:

I’m not clear as to how to do something similar in SolveSpace.
Wed Aug 18 2021, 09:33:02
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You need to set up a point ans two construction lines to define the plane normal to the hole axis. They need not be in the same group. I.e. With the shape outlined in a sketch, an added construction line normal to the desired hole axis can be added. After extrusion. a construction line for one end of the fist line can be added, and constrained as parallel to the extrusion axis. Select the join point, and the two lines for creating a new sketch in work-plane.
Wed Aug 18 2021, 16:06:18
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