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what's wrong with my sketch??? (by Kehevin)
Hello ,

I have some trouble with an easy thing ( I think ) : I totally don't understand what's wrong with my sketch !!

I join a project ( here it's a simplify one ), I wonder that I have problems with NURBS, actually I can fix it with the option : "force NURBS surface with triangle mesh" but, at the end , my computer doesn't like this .

My question is very simple : why I can't make a rectangle without trouble in that project?

I think that I miss some knowledge, I already looked for some explanations but maybe it's so much simple for everyone ( but not for me ) that I didn't found anything .

I apologise for my bad english and I thank you for your answer .
Thu Dec 31 2020, 07:01:59, download attachment solvespace probleme.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I have had a quick look at your drawing and see several problems. You have extraneous lines for setting dimensions, which are not really needed. Where you do want construction lines, toggle them to construction, where they show as green lines, otherwise they are taken as part of the geometry to be extruded. Also drawing U shapes as three rectangles is not the best approach, but rather draw the outline roughly, and then use constraints and dimensions to get to where you want.

I attach a zip file with how I would draw group goo4, with before constraints applied, and after I have applied them.

Hope this helps you fix your model.
Thu Dec 31 2020, 13:30:00
(no subject) (by Andrew)
And here's the files.
Thu Dec 31 2020, 17:09:11, download attachment
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