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Linked models show all #REF (by Steven Anderson)
First of all thank you for your hard work. This product is like 80% of being the best modeling software available hands down.

It appears this may be by design (rather unfortunate ):

I have 3 problems:

1) simple one would be nice to be able to import an image onto a plane (large high res image for tracing parts from an image

2) the import /export features are very outdated

3) This problem and this is the killer

When I create like 10 objects in solvespace (separately) and try and to make a 3d model from the components with the link feature all the objects import as #REF.

I purposefully set one of the lines (the top line of each component of the model ) as an adjustable length and used length ratios, mid points, angles and vertical horizontal constraints. Purposefully leaving the degrees of freedom in each part so that when assembled I cold make all these parts adjustable relative to one master parts dimensions.

Unfortunately the parts all import as #REF which breaks this. The only setting that I see totally shuts off the system for keeping the dimensions proper.

I have attached the model as an example.

This means my model can't be dynamically adjusted unless I make the complex model all in one piece.

Then their is the import and export limitations (very old formats of DXF and no support of SolidWorks or AutocCad formats that are newer) To simplify this process for me I could import large pieces from elsewhere and just make adjustments but this is not really possible and I cant get the model back out into SolidWorks (which I also use) but only own a very very old copy of.
Sun Nov 24 2019, 11:10:42, download attachment exampleModelofIssues.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
After you link an object, you can use it to constrain subsequent groups. One thing with Solvespace, if you change a dimension in a linked object, you have to re-open and save object that import it to propagate the changes. Where useful you could make a construction drawing as a skeleton for sizing parts in other drawings. Hope this helps.

PS, when uploading a multi-file project, you need to zip up all relevant files and upload a the zip, otherwise necessary files are missing.
Sun Nov 24 2019, 19:19:22
"Sketch | Image" (by ruevs)
is want you want for your first point ;-)
Thu Dec 5 2019, 08:20:00
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