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Partial export (by Magnus)

Solvespace noob warning. Loving the concept! ...probably doing using it wrong in so many ways. I have some basic questions:

1: Can I somehow export (triangle mesh/STL) only part of my model? My model is complex now enough that printing it as once piece is getting less than ideal.

2: I got some pretty severe slowness going on. Solvespace 2.3 became non-usable (30+ seconds wait whenever changing the model). In a desperate attempt before giving up I tried building master and it's a *lot* better, but still becoming slow. I fear that if I keep adding stuff - it too will become non usable. Hence the question: Am I organizing my drawing incorrectly - am I supposed to use multiple files and assemblies somehow? Is there a recommended way to organize semi-big models?

2a: Is the performance issue impacted by me not bringing DOF to ok for all my groups? thinking has been that DOF is just a measurement about my points that can still be moved around (one DOF per point and direction), and that DOF=0/ok just means more constraints and more to solve / less performance.

I'm attaching a screenshot of my model to show the degree of complexity and how it's currently organized. I'd very much appreciate tips on how to work better.

For the curious ones: This is intended to be a fan holder around the nozzle/hotend/heatbreak on my Creality Ender-3 printer. If I make something usable it will end up on Thingiverse and bring an extremely small amount of extra fame to Solvespace. :)

I'd be so happy if I can get good at Solvespace and make my constructions with it rather than one of the over-regulated freemium things. Does the project want/accept donations?
Sun Sep 2 2018, 08:37:01, download attachment why another fan holder.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The best approach for separate parts with Solvespace is to keep them in separate files, and put them together in an assembly file. One approach to controlling critical dimensions is to create skeleton file, with all construction lines and points, against which to build the part. (note it is possible to draw in 3d and position from the axes, which is useful for a skeleton). If you change the base file, open the part files so that they pick up the changes. You can then export each part file as its own stl.

Hope this helps.
Sun Sep 2 2018, 10:02:32
(no subject) (by Magnus)
Thanks Andrew!

It helped me. While the main part is still slow, because it's gotten quite big, at least I was able to make the other parts which will be printed separately in separate files. Solvespace is a lot faster when the main part is just a reference.

Next time I approach something new I will try to do what you mentioned about creating a skeleton with measurements and building pieces and then link them in a main assembly. It seems like the way to avoid my performance issues.
Tue Sep 11 2018, 07:18:55
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