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Lock elements constraint (by Dave)
Is there any way to lock elements in space so they cant be moved?

eg: i have imported dxf geometry i want to modify, but i want the majority to be locked so i cant accidentally move it. I have used this feature in other programs and found it extremely useful
Thu Jan 25 2018, 03:59:48
(no subject) (by app4soft)
> Is there any way to lock elements in space so they cant be moved?

@Dave, yes it's possible in SolveSpace, just need use previous group for constraint to it.

Simple example of hard constrained point in 3d (as SLVS file) attached!

SolveSpace version: 2.3
Thu Jan 25 2018, 04:31:50, download attachment
(no subject) (by Dave)
thanks for the example but its not what i'm after, i didnt explain very well so i'll try again:
i have approximately 100 imported points from a dxf.

i want to be able to select all the points and click a lock button so that all points are quickly fully constrained.
Mon Jan 29 2018, 20:53:51
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
As app4soft notes, if you put your imported points in an earlier group, then constraints from later groups can't modify them. You can still drag your imported points with the mouse, though.

You could also put your imported points in A.slvs, and then "Link / Assemble" A.slvs into B.slvs. The points then can't be edited within B.slvs, neither with constraints nor by dragging.
Wed Jan 31 2018, 11:44:01
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