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How to drive dimension? (by MagneO)

I am new to Solvespace. I have run through the tutorials and I have worked with CAD before so Solvespce is easy to use. I am however not able to drive dimensions? I can trace a point. I have tested the test assembly and made a four-bar linkage for myself but I am unable to drive a dimension. Any tips on What I am doing wrong?

Regrds, Magne
Thu May 11 2017, 13:55:35
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
What do you mean by "drive"?
Fri May 12 2017, 01:06:02
(no subject) (by MagneO)

sorry, I mean "step dimension", I added an angle constraint to my 4-bar mechanism, the number of DOF was 0 and clicked on the text (which I believe was to be done to start the function). But there was no movement? No error either? I increased the number of steps, but as far I can tell there was no response.

Am I wrong when I assume that the sketch is to move?

Regards, Magne
Fri May 12 2017, 02:47:11
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
What start and finish angles did you set? If you don't change the finish angle, then it's the same as the start and nothing happens.
Fri May 12 2017, 03:12:20
(no subject) (by MagneO)
Hi again,

thanks for your quick responses. Yes I changed it (both to a higher and lower value to check if it only could run with increasing or decreasing value).

What is it actually that starts the function? A click on the text below the windows with the angles?

Regards, Magne
Fri May 12 2017, 05:53:33
(no subject) (by MagneO)
I must admit that after closer observation the program does respond when I click "step dimension now", the step dimension meny disappears and the property browser appears. This takes a few seconds, but no sketch movement.

Regrds, Magne
Fri May 12 2017, 11:32:59
(no subject) (by MagneO)
After playing around with this I now have managed to make the sketch move at least in some cases. I must (perhaps) have managed to overconstrain the sketch in some manner.

Thanks (and sorry for vasting your time)

Regards, Magne
Fri May 12 2017, 17:28:29
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