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Line difference constraint (by Andrew McIntyre)
A big thank-you for this. It is invaluable when adding or subtracting bend allowances in sheet metal work and must have many more uses I have yet to explore.
Sun Jul 17 2016, 06:17:12
(no subject) (by whitequark)
@Andrew, better support for sheet metal work has long interested me. Do you have any features you wish SolveSpace had to make that easier?
Tue Jul 19 2016, 03:31:24
Sheet Metal Work (by Andrew McIntyre)
Whitequark - I am sure others have but our needs are pretty basic.Our only involvement with sheet metal is to design convector-boxes for woodburning-stoves in a variety of shapes and sizes. SolveSpace looks to be the perfect tool for this since we can alter the parameters in seconds to suit almost any requirement.
I attach a sample of my first, faltering efforts and the things that come to mind are that (a) I would like to be able to turn REF dimensions on and off. They are a quick and invaluable way to check that all links are behaving themselves but clutter up the drawing needlessly when all you want to access are the few dimensions that drive the rest.(b) An ellipse tool would be great. (c) My efforts at constraining arcs & circles in 2D result in a spider's web of links going in all directions that are then rather unstable. In an earlier posting Jonathan recommended sketching the un-drilled sheet, extruding it, then adding the drills as a Boolean difference which I'm sure is an option but rather a long-winded one. Not nearly as simple as the excellent tool provided for radiussing corners!
Wed Jul 20 2016, 08:40:16, download attachment PHOENIX CROPPED.jpg
SolveSpace File (by Andrew McIntyre)
It appears that only one file can be attached per post so here is a second one with my SLVS file attached. You will see what I mean by clutter!
Wed Jul 20 2016, 08:49:12, download attachment SOLVESPACE TEMPLATE.slvs
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